How To Unclog A Spray Bottle Or Aerosol Can Nozzle?

Afshan 2024-01-03 11:04:48 25

Spray bottles and aerosol cans can easily get clogged, rendering them useless. But before you toss it out, try these simple methods to unclog the nozzle and get your sprayer working again
What Causes Clogs?

  • Product buildup – Leftover hairspray, sunscreen, etc. can dry and clog the nozzle. Humidity in bathrooms makes this worse.
  • Dust/dirt – Nozzles can collect gritty bathroom dust.
  • Disconnected tube – With spray bottles, the inner tube can detach from the nozzle.
Unclogging Aerosol Cans:

  • Run nozzle under warm water – Heat softens dried product for an easy rinse.
  • Insert needle in nozzle – Loosens clogs by hand. Carefully poke into spray hole.
Unclogging Spray Bottles:

  • Soak nozzle in hot water – Submerge just the nozzle and pump warm water through it.
  • Reattach inner tube – If nozzle presses down but doesn’t spray, tube may be detached. Reinsert tube back into nozzle.
Preventing Future Clogs:

  • Rinse nozzle after each use – Prevent buildup by cleaning after each use.
  • Store upright with cap on – Keep covered and away from dust.
  • Buy small sizes – If used infrequently, small volumes won’t sit as long.
In a word Don’t give up on a clogged sprayer. A few simple cleaning tricks can often get it working good as new. Tackle buildup right away and store properly to prevent future clogs.