How To Easily Open A Stuck Lotion Pump Bottle In 5 Simple Steps

Afshan 2024-01-03 11:07:45 40

Struggling to open a stuck lotion pump bottle? We’ve all been there. The pump gets clogged or stuck shut, making it impossible to dispense your favorite moisturizer or hand sanitizer.

Don’t worry – opening a stubborn lotion pump is easy with just a few simple tricks. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn 5 foolproof steps to get your lotion pump working again. With the right techniques, you can open even the most stubborn bottles with minimal effort.

Step 1: Check That The Lid Is Fully Tightened

Before trying to open the pump, first ensure the lid is fully tightened. Sometimes a loose lid makes the pump feel stuck when it’s actually just not secure. Twist the lid tightly clockwise until it won’t turn anymore. This secures it fully for the next steps.

Step 2: Press Down Firmly On The Pump Head

With one hand holding the base of the bottle securely, use your other hand to firmly push straight down on the pump head. Apply steady downward pressure as if trying to dispense lotion. This will help loosen any dried product or pressure inside.

Step 3: Twist The Pump Head Counterclockwise

While maintaining downward pressure, twist the pump head gently counterclockwise. Twist back and forth lightly while pushing down. This should help “unstick” the pump.

Step 4: Remove The Pump Head From The Bottle

Once loosened, stop pressing down and slowly twist the pump head counterclockwise to fully remove it. Pull up gently to take it out of the bottle. Be careful not to bend or break the dip tube inside.

Step 5: Clean The Pump Head Thoroughly

To prevent future sticking, clean off any product buildup. Soak just the pump head in warm soapy water for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Let it air dry completely before replacing on the bottle.


With this simple 5-step process, you can easily open stuck lotion pump bottles. Check the lid, press down while twisting counterclockwise, remove, and thoroughly clean the pump head. Your lotion will dispense smoothly again. Follow these tricks to say goodbye to the frustration of stubborn pumps for good.